Prime Air is fit to take on the UFC

With nearly 20 years of training, expertise, and determination, Prime Air & Ocean Cargo has mastered the art of shipping around the world. So it came as no surprise that PAOC was invited to jump into the ring to do some heavy lifting for UFC Gym by shipping fitness equipment to Lahore, Pakistan – more than 8,000 miles away.

Actually, to use the correct vernacular, fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) don’t take place inside a ring – they take place within an Octagon, an eight-sided mat and cage. And it gets pretty harrowing in there.

But as UFC has become a worldwide phenomenon, they are also emerging as a big contender in the world of fitness centers. With more than 150 locations in 30 countries, UFC Gym is now bringing the same training programs and benefits that elite Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) athletes experience to the general public. And most recently, to the people of Pakistan.

Because UFC Gyms feature a full-range of fitness classes and specialized trainings, each facility around the world must provide its signature state-of-the-art equipment – along with installation of UFC’s world-famous Octagon. So whether its a UFC Gym in North Miami, United Kingdom, or Pakistan, much of this heavy equipment comes directly from a central shipping point in Virginia, USA.

“Up to this point, working with one our newest freight-forwarders, PAOC has been moving mostly medical equipment and supplies to Pakistan,” says Operations Supervisor Bryan Rivas.

“But this was our first really big shipment we handled for them – and definitely the most interesting.” Rivas is based at Prime Group headquarters, home of four divisions of the Miami-based logistics company, including PAOC.

This major shipment to UFC Gym Pakistan, carefully loaded into a both a 40-foot and 20-foot container, consisted of new exercise machines and related training equipment – and literally tons of body building weights.

“Through one of our designated sea carriers, we expertly coordinated every aspect of this 8,000-mile journey to ensure safe delivery,” said Rivas. With a starting point of Valencia, Va., the agent picked up the containers, coordinated the appointment with the shipper, and then said “bon voyage” at the Port of Virginia in Norfolk. With a transit time of 30 to 45 days, the final destination is Lahore, Pakistan.

Located about 160 miles from Islamabad, Lahore is Pakistan’s second-most populous city, and one of its most wealthy. It is also the country’s most socially liberal cities, and is a major center of education, so residents here are eager to explore UFC’s highly popularized fitness-center alternative.

With an arrival date sometime in mid-October, Rivas is presently tracking the progress of the containers and is following up with the client to convey that everything is ok.

Rivas takes great pride in what he does for his customers. An employee with PAOC since 2012, he says on any given day he guides his clients to do what is best for them – and delivers.

“Depending how urgent their cargo is, if it’s next day or needs two-day delivery, air is the best option,” he says, “On the other had, ocean transport delivers with a longer travel time, and it all depends on the origin location, which port the shipment is coming out of, and its destination. Or if they want to save money, they can consolidate their cargo into an outbound container that we can ship for them.”

He says land transport is also an option, especially in the U.S. or to Canada. “Whether it’s a small packages or a pallet, we arrange everything,” he added.

“It’s always busy, but I like to be busy. And sometimes our work goes into off hours, especially if there’s an unexpected issue with a shipment. But when it comes to helping our global clients, there are really no ‘off-hours’ – and I really don’t mind, because it’s the challenge that keeps me going.”

It is said that UFC champions are the best-trained athletes in the world. To succeed, they must be determined to work daily to master their skills and abilities with supreme stamina. If there is one thing these champs have in common with ops team at PAOC, this is it.

Because Prime Air also works every day to earn its title as one of the best logistics firms in the world. By mastering shipping solutions and clients services with supreme skill and determination, they are emerging as world champions in the highly competitive business of logistics.

Prime Air & Ocean Cargo has a unique ability to streamline, optimize, and expedite freight to and from the U.S. for a wide range of major industries. They work closely with air carriers and ocean carriers to secure competitive rates and ample space to destinations all around the world. For information, call 305-592-2044 or visit

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