Emirates SkyCargo Route Network June 18th

PrimeAir takes pride in working with Emirates SkyCargo, a world-class cargo airline serving Quito with flights around the globe via Passenger Freight (PF) aircraft and Main-Deck Full Freighters (FF). Get a detailed look at the latest update to Emirates SkyCargo’s expansive worldwide network map.

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Prime Group advances digital logistics capabilities with Salesforce

As a global logistics leader, The Prime Group has arrived at a point in its evolution where advanced automation is needed to integrate marketing tactics, determine how efficiently marketing tactics and sales teams work, quantify the level of service customers receive and ultimately hold itself accountable for business growth objectives while maintaining customer focus. For this reason, Prime Group is now deploying Salesforce – creating more effective customer-focused marketing initiatives and increasing sales capabilities.

Salesforce is the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), bringing companies closer to their customers in the digital age. Salesforce’s cloud-based technologies are built to integrate data from the siloed parts of a company that interact with customers, and by giving teams a shared view, help improve response rates and revenues from marketing efforts, including advertising and social media.

To maximize customer support at scale, Prime Group will now leverage improved efficiency and effectiveness at each stage of the sales process – from setting strategy and implementing initiatives to taking action and measuring results. With a goal of improving customer communications and increasing new business opportunities, the custom-designed implementation for Prime Group began June 1.

“Today, we are stepping in a new direction by investing in a major technology upgrade, data-driven sales and marketing, and aggressive prospecting. This will position us extremely well for success in the pandemic period and well beyond,” said Roger Paredes, CEO of Miami-based Prime Group.

“Prime Group is on the cusp of something exciting,” Paredes continued. “At a time when logistics companies worldwide are struggling to get traction due to COVID-19, we’re already moving ahead by reaching outside the box to yield new types of partnerships and businesses that have not historically been part of the Prime Group portfolio.”

Take heart, take care, and stay well

In an effort to be as transparent as possible during these most difficult of times, I’d like to share my thoughts on recent events, and the aftermath that is proving to be heartbreaking for so many, and filling us all with conflict.

It goes without saying that what we witnessed in Minneapolis on video has affected us all deeply.

Firstly, it’s incumbent upon me to say that the Prime Group family counts as a core value the condemnation of injustice and discrimination, and we are united in fighting inequality.

We acknowledge and are in solidarity with the peaceful protesters in the United States, and around the world. And we support local and national organizations that are standing up to social injustice.

In the face of senseless loss, it often seems impossible to find the words to express such deep pain, frustration, and sorrow – but these words I know I must share with you now: Please take heart, take care of each other, and stay well. We will overcome – together.

Emirates SkyCargo Route Network June 1st

PrimeAir takes pride in working with Emirates SkyCargo, a world-class cargo airline serving Quito with flights around the globe via Passenger Freight (PF) aircraft and Main-Deck Full Freighters (FF). Get a detailed look at the newest update to Emirates SkyCargo’s worldwide network map.

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Prime Fresh Handling is Ripe for Success in Post-COVID World

Once the economy fully “turns back on,” the most resilient players in the shipping industry will be able to quickly return to the same level of work they have always done – and in some cases, come out of the pandemic even stronger. Chief among them is the Prime Group of Companies.

Early on, this Miami-based global logistic conglomerate demonstrated a keen ability to regauge and pivot in response to the upending of world  markets caused by COVID-19.

This is due in great part to their long history of being able to quickly adapt to changes in the volatile shipping business. But also because of an aggressive reinforcement of its sales and marketing efforts that were already well underway.

Certainly one of the Group’s fastest growing divisions, Prime Fresh Handling (PFH) has a successful plan for survival – and success – that includes expansion of their commercial presence on the U.S. West Coast. PFH specializes in providing logistics and services supporting the growing international perishables market.

This strategy included the addition of Margarita Duron to the PFH team. As the division’s new sales executive she will lead commercial initiatives out of the company’s Los Angeles office. Duron brings more than 20 years of experience in freight-forwarding, most recently with one of the largest forwarders in the region, specializing in fresh and frozen commodities.

A Perfect Fit
“We knew we wanted a sales executive with extensive knowledge of the produce market out here and ‘Maggie’ was the exact fit,” says Cristina Moscoso, PFH Commercial Manager in Los Angeles. “Fortunately for us, she was able to join our team now, after a long stint with one of our top competitors in this market.”

Already making great strides into the region’s seafood market – having just signed on with a major importer of salmon – PFH is now ripe and ready to make a foray into the area’s lucrative produce market.

Berry Successful
“Already, Maggie has made big advances for us in this niche market,” Moscoso said, noting how news of Duron’s appointment has stirred a new interest in PFH among several notable berry importers. “They know of her reputation and are eager to start working with her now that she’s with Prime Fresh Handling.”

Duron is also targeting local and regional contacts in the pharmaceuticals industry, yet another emerging specialty market for PFH on the West Coast. It’s all part of a well-planned the effort that will allow the company to swiftly return to – and exceed – pre-coronavirus service levels.

About Prime Fresh Handling
Prime Fresh Handling strives to be a strategic ally for its clients by managing wide ranging logistics needs – from start to finish – and achieving safe and fresh delivery of perishable goods to the final destination.

PFH warehouses and handling facilities are located in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York, as well as Bogota, Quito, and Amsterdam. Each station offers a complete menu of logistics services, from crating and packaging, and cold storage and inventory services, to document processing and customs clearance.

PFH is one of four separate divisions of the Prime Group of companies, including PrimeAir, Prime Logistics, and Prime Fresh Products. For information, visit www.prime-fresh.com

Prime Fresh Handling’s West Coast sales and services office is located at 5250 West 102 Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90045. For information, contact PFH Commercial Manager Cristina Moscoso at 323-328-8650, or via email at Cristina.Moscoso@primeair.aero.

In Related News
In light of the company’s continued growth into serving the pharmaceuticals and medical supplies industry, as well as numerous other commercial product lines, Sales Manager Yulieth Onofre recently joined to the Prime Logistics team. With more than 20 years of experience, including serving with multiple ocean carriers, Onofre focuses on commercial efforts on the freight forwarding side of the company’s client portfolio.