A Message from the CEO…By the Light of a New Dawn

As countries around the world slowly recover from the long battle against COVID-19, I am reminded of a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. – “We are always on the threshold of a new dawn.”

And by the light of this new day, we’ve seen something quite profound happen, particularly within the global logistics industry. There has emerged a heightened sense of “community” among our peers and customers.

The notion that “we are all in this together” has given rise to the realization that only by having our own house in order can we better support each other now and over the long term. After all, the world relies on logistics professionals like you and I to aptly manage the supply chains that bring needed products to distribution centers, warehouses, and ultimately the consumer’s doorstep.

We ensure markets have food on shelves, retail outlets have ample stock, businesses get essential parts and equipment, and that hospitals and health care centers have fast access to the critical medicines and supplies that keep us alive. All eyes are on us and there is pressure to perform.

So Perform We Must

On the business side, uncertainties in worldwide logistics this past year have certainly created enormous challenges for Prime Group, but also myriad opportunities to “be there” for our customers and the industry in general. We’ve weathered the COVID-19 storm together, yet still clouds remain – in the form of pervasive interruptions along global supply chains, equipment and capacity shortages, and higher shipping costs, among other significant market pressures.

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that resiliency is how you play the long game – and not to just survive, but to thrive. Along this line, Prime Group is continually strengthening and expanding its four business units by introducing new services and products, by adding new talent in specific and measured ways, and by building up the company to ensure an overall smoother operation over the long haul.

Enhanced Communications

Bolstering relationships across all industries is also a winning strategy that will ensure success through resilience in 2022. The continued development of our marketing communications program is now paying dividends by attracting new business and by strengthening existing customer loyalties.

We will stay focused on growing the presence of each division by continually “refreshing” our digital presence in the marketplace via enhancements to our corporate web sites; and aggressive, sustained social-mail and enews campaigns. These efforts are of course geared to support the planned expansion of our global sales and marketing staff so that they may convert and nurture all the new business we are stirring.

Four Prime Companies

On the retail food side, our Prime Planet team we will continue to seek innovative and unique product lines not just in response to customer demand, but also in anticipation of their needs and desires for high quality better-for-you snacks.

On the Prime Logistics side of the house, we will continue to seek out globally recognized trade certifications for the transport of pharmaceuticals and other sensitive commodities. This is key to giving Prime Logistics the competitive edge it needs to grow.

We will cotinine to respond to the growing customer demand for charter operations through our PrimeAir division. In addition, we will focus on building up our Prime Fresh Handling service readiness at our gateway hubs – like at LAX, which emerged in 2021 as the largest and busiest field station in our entire global network.

Growing Through Technology

Overhauling software systems in-house with the latest technology and refining business processes will allow Prime Group to become even more operationally efficient and “customer centered” in 2022. We are engaging with a specialized firm at present to head up a program to unify all of our business units via one overarching system. This in turn will make way for the next natural step in the evolution of our global service excellence – artificial intelligence.

The prime objective here is to heighten the entire customer experience by providing fast and easy access to our wide-ranging service offerings, so that they can directly perform their own bookings, tracking, and more – whenever they need to, 24/7.

This will also serve to free up our Operations, Sales, and Customer Service people to focus on what they do best – expertly manage the safe, efficient, and cost-effective international shipment and handling of our clients’ commodities.

At the same time, we will be adding a news sales director for the Group and other key support staff to support the much more robust commercial structure we are building out in the coming year.

External Opportunities

Although our four companies have realized steady organic growth, in 2022 we will be adjusting course to more aggressively pursue opportunities through acquisitions that will positively impact our business growth plan in a swift and well-planned fashion.

By diversifying revenue, acquiring new customers, and expanding business among existing customers, Prime Group will be in a much stronger position to compete on the global stage – and in the process enhance the value of each company.

This “inorganic growth” will take the form of buying other businesses, opening new locations, and expanding global service lines.

For instance, in addition to the international freight services we currently offer via scheduled carriers, we are now identifying a wider range of air cargo transport options for our customers – such as going from only providing ad hoc charters to operating comprehensive and customized long-term charter programs. So stay tuned for exciting news on this front!

Doing Our Part

The year 2022 is presenting the global community with new challenges. Going forward, Prime Group will continue to proudly do its part shipping medical supplies, vaccines, and test kits internationally. We remain committed to doing more of these missions for as long the world needs us.

There is truly one thing that unites us – it is the basic human spirit that tomorrow will be a new day. And we are united in the belief that 2022 will be just that.


~ Roger Paredes, Prime Group CEO