All Good Things Come in Threes

During the first half of 2023, Prime Group’s “Big Three” for fresh flower shipments span Valentine’s Day on February 14, and International Women’s Day on March 8, and then Mother’s Day on May 14. Certainly, Valentine’s Day is basically upon us, with an estimated 250 million roses shipped globally. But the other big days will be here before you know it, too.

I’m proud to say that the teams of workers at our three business units – Prime Fresh Handling, PrimeAir, and PrimeAir teams – are working 24-7 to meet the needs of our various customers who are directly involved in the shipping and handling of millions of fresh blooms across the globe.

That said, our key Prime Group business divisions continue to expand across the globe, serving business customers in a multitude of diverse industries. Currently, we also offer expert logistics for everything from technology to seafood – including aviation parts, pharmaceuticals, heavy machinery, building supplies, fresh produce, and many other perishables and hard products. We also are a top provider of top-notch GSSA services in several markets, where we serve as the dedicated “boots-on-the-ground” team for several major cargo airlines that are providing lift for wholesalers, retailers, and other distributors out of South American.

Homage to Our Company Roots

While we have branched out into serving so many other different industries, with the tremendous annual flower-shipping effort now underway, I believe it’s a fitting time to pay homage to Prime Group’s roots in fresh-cut flowers. That’s how our corporate journey began over 22 years ago.

Initially, our business started with handling fresh flower shipment from Ecuador to North America and ultimately from Colombia as that market blossomed. Over the years, we’ve expanded into managing floral shipment all around the world, going wherever our customers need their blooms, and partnering with Atlas Air and Emirates SkyCargo to handle the immense payloads. Did you know that Mother’s Day, in particular, is the “Super Bowl’ of flowers – accounting for one fourth of all floral purchases annually?” That’s a fact.

For our employee teams, though, after handling such extreme volumes of product, back-to-back for more than two decades, it’s like “just another day at the office.” So, to all the dedicated PG staff across the globe. I’d like to express my thanks for all you do. In addition, as our loyal wholesale and retail clients receive their fresh flower shipments in 2023, I’d like to say that we’re deeply appreciative of your support – and honored to do our part in helping you meet the immense demand for this beautiful product. We simply wouldn’t be the success we are today without you. My deepest gratitude goes out to all and we look forward to serving you this year and beyond.

Certainly, fresh flowers create a good bottom-line revenue stream for many of us – flower growers, our Prime Group companies, air cargo operators, forwarders, and distributors. But I also believe there’s more to the equation. As we’ve all learned through the years, it’s the little moments in life that truly count. So, as consumers give the gift of a fresh bouquet of roses, an arrangement of colorful tulips, or a lovely corsage, that simple gesture can bring great joy to the faces of their loved ones or friends.

We at the Prime Group are happy knowing we’ve helped make some of those poignant moments possible. So, here’s to a good year, creating more of life’s best and most memorable moments, and “saying it with flowers.”