Where Queen of the Skies Meets King of the Mountain

During our 22-year history, Prime Group has been privileged to work with the most prominent and professional air-cargo carriers in the business. I truly believe that the company you keep reflects your business acumen, philosophy, and practices. If “birds of a feather flock together,” as the saying goes, a smart, innovative company surrounds itself with partners that reflect its business acumen, philosophy, and practices.

I’m pleased that we attract similarly smart business partners such as Atlas Air, Inc., a subsidiary of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc., that is a veritable king of the mountain in this businesses sector. They operate the world’s largest fleet of B747 freighter aircraft and provide customers the broadest array of Boeing 747, 777, 767, and 737 aircraft for domestic, regional, and international cargo and passenger operations. Prime Group has been privileged to serve as Atlas Air’s GHA/GSA since the earliest days of our operations that began in Quito, Ecuador.

So, let me take this opportunity to congratulate Atlas Air on taking delivery of the final Boeing 747 aircraft ever produced. As captured in this stunning arrival upon arrival at Quito’s Mariscal Sucre International Airport, this aircraft represents the last of the last of four new 747-8 freighters that the air-cargo company ordered back in January 2021. Today, Atlas reigns as the world’s largest operator of those freighters.

It’s fascinating to look back at the Boeing 747’s history. For more than a half century this wide-body “Queen of the Skies” has proven itself a reliable, workhorse aircraft. Passengers have enjoyed the world’s first twin-aisle airplane with a distinctive hump and upper-deck seating. From the cargo perspective, the aircraft has tremendous payload capacity and a unique nose-loading capability.

Over the decades, 747s have transported everything from perishables (including fresh flowers, vegetables, fish, medicines, and vaccines) to race cars, racehorses, rocket parts, electronics, overnight express shipments and much more. Among Boeing’s “fun factoids” is that the 747-8 Freighter’s revenue payload can transport 10,699 solid-gold bars or approximately 19 million ping-pong balls or golf balls – just in case you need to know that!

Production-wise, a total of 1,574 aircraft have been manufactured since the original Boeing 747 design was unveiled and factory production began in 1967. Enhancements have included introduction of the 747-400 model in 1988 and the final 747-8 model launched in 2005. Sustainability-wise, that latest model offers a 16 percent improvement in fuel use and CO2 emissions per ton, as well a 30 percent smaller noise footprint, compared to previous platform models. Across all models, the platform certainly has delivered unmatched operating economics and efficiency for both the passenger travel and air cargo markets.

Atlas emphasizes that its history and success are directly linked to the B747 platform and that it plans to operate the aircraft for decades to come. On the occasion of the last of the line, John Dietrich, president and CEO, Atlas Air Worldwide, spoke to how Atlas Air was founded over 30 years ago with a single B747-200 converted freighter, and since then, the company has spanned the globe operating the B747 into well over 800 airports in over 170 countries with nearly every series of the aircraft, including Boeing’s 747 Large Cargo Freighter for the transport of 787 Dreamliner parts.

At Prime Group, we want to “be the best,” and in that regard, I firmly believe that we truly are the company we keep. First and foremost, I appreciate the dedication, focus, and professionalism of our employees each and every day. In addition, all of us at Prime Group are blessed to work with high-quality air-cargo partners including Atlas Air and many others. Together we are forging a bright future, one that will include seeing the “Queen of the Skies” in the air for many years to come.


Prime Group is a private company founded over 22 years ago on the idea that providing world-class customer relations is the fastest route to success Today, our Miami-based Group is comprised of four separate enterprises dedicated to offering the best in international logistics, food products, services, and customer support.

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~ Roger Paredes, CEO