Cheese, Glorious Cheese

With the holidays upon us, consumers are ready to party hearty. Many are stocking up on drinks, snacks, fruit, chocolates, and especially cheese, glorious cheese. So, when friends pop in for a holiday celebration—presto—everyone can celebrate in style with an easy-to-prepare, luscious cheese tray or charcuterie board. For food distributors and grocery stores, though, the holiday season is cheerful for another reason—a cornucopia of sales.

Fortunately, some of the most highly-desired cheeses across the globe are making their way into the U.S. market, thanks to the expertise and detailed approach of two of Prime Group brands, Prime Fresh Handling and Prime Logistics. By providing export logistics, customs clearance, and cooler facilities (which, we can assure you, cheese simply loves), we’re ensuring that these specialty cheeses arrive fresh, safe, and on time.

Andean Blue Cheese

For one of our valued customers, Prime Fresh Handling (PFH) and Prime Logistics recently teamed up to transport a shipment of Andean blue cheese, an Ecuadorian delicacy from Troya Hacienda, a cheese factory on Ecuador’s northern border. This was the cheesemaker’s last step in a complex regulatory process that began when it first applied to the appropriate U.S. and Ecuadorian agencies for approval of sanitary compliance to export blue cheese. 

Let’s just say we’re renowned across the globe for our expertise in handling temperature-sensitive specialty cheeses. Prime Group’s careful handling, attention to detail, and shipping experience assured the customer’s valuable Andean blue cheese shipment arrived cool, fresh, and ready for discerning, cheese-loving consumers to sample in Miami, Houston, and New York City. 

Just as the world’s best cheesemakers have spent years perfecting their skills, we’ve done the same. Our PFH global network of bonded and refrigerated storage facilities allow for timely, easy access to all the world’s major markets.

In South Florida, for example, our comprehensive services for cheeses and other perishable foods include U.S. Customs clearance and pick up at Miami International Airport (MIA) upon arrival, followed by immediate storage in the company’s nearby warehouse to maintain a required temperature range of 37-40°F.

Australian Cheddar

Need 500,000 pounds of Australian Cheddar transported? Yep, we’ve done that too, handling that humongous shipment with ease. Success lies in our attention to detail and in knowing that no single step in the process can be overlooked. Our ambitious task starts the moment we receive the cheese from the shipper right on through to the last mile—and onto festive holiday platters all across the world.

Upon splitting up the product according to purchase orders and building the pallets, we then safely load them into temperature-controlled containers bound for ocean freighters or waiting aircraft, whichever the customer desires.

In Sync with Customers

The pathway to preserving quality is closely coordinated with the supplier so that minute-by-minute pick-up and transportation to the port of departure is successfully achieved. Any delay in this synchronized process is simply unacceptable. This is where Prime Fresh Handling truly shines. By paying attention to the smallest of details, we avoid additional costs for our valued customers.

So, with the holidays approaching, we wish you the best in satisfying your retail customers’ desires to create the perfect party spread. And we’ll look forward to hearing from you for our assistance in moving your product the entire way.

Prime Logistics

Prime Logistics team expertly streamlines, optimizes, and expedites freight to and from the U.S. for a wide range of major industries. With hundreds of contacts around the globe, they are skilled at finding competitive rates and ample space via air and ocean shipment to virtually any destination.

Prime Fresh Handling

The PFH global network of bonded and refrigerated storage facilities allows for timely and easy access to all of the world’s major markets. With innovative technology, operational proficiency, and friendly customer relations, PFH expertly handles temperature-sensitive products, from fresh fish, produce, and cut flowers to pharmaceutical products and vaccines.