We Are The Company We Keep

Message from CEO Roger Paredes

We have all heard the saying that birds of a feather flock together, meaning that the company you keep reflects your business acumen, philosophy, and practices. A smart and innovative firm surrounds itself with other smart and innovative companies. And will certainly attract similarly successful business partners along the way.

Whether this happens organically or strategically through hard work, focus, and determination, Prime Group is pleased to share that we are succeeding in our pursuit to not only do the best, but be the best. We are continuing to work with the best possible partners in the business who share our goals internally and externally.

We have been very fortunate during our 17-year history to work with the most prominent and professional air-cargo carriers in the business. This includes our long-term relationship with Atlas Air, for whom we have served as their GHA/GSA since our earliest days starting in Quito.

And most recently, we find ourselves in the enviable position of expanding our relationship with Emirates. Last month, we were appointed as their new GSSA in Colombia, following SkyCargo’s launch of services in the Bogota market, via Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando with connections to Dubai and beyond [see details on this announcement at https://primegroup.aero/2018/07/primeair-expands-with-emirates-at-bog/].

As I have stated, this is very big news for our company and I wish to thank everyone on the Prime Group team for the important roles they have played in this long and arduous process. All of your work over the years – ensuring that achievements of this magnitude are possible – has not gone unnoticed and the fruit has begun to bear.

I cannot underscore enough the inextricable link between brand and reputation – and how this announcement regarding Emirates SkyCargo truly is a feather in our cap. Such news reinforces the fact among our many stakeholders and business prospects that they are making the right decision signing on with our services and sharing in a successful future together.

PrimeAir expands with Emirates at BOG

It’s always good to hear when a General Sales and Service Agent lands an agreement with an international cargo carrier – especially in today’s highly competitive environment.

But when a GSSA like PrimeAir gets to announce it is significantly expanding its South American operation due to a new agreement with Emirates SkyCargo, it’s a shout heard around the world.

“This is really big news,” says Roger Paredes, CEO of Miami-based Prime Group, under which PrimeAir operates. “Not just because it is a long and arduous process to be appointed as a GSSA, but because Emirates is so highly respected around the world.”

Emirates is consistently voted one of the world’s best airlines, and its SkyCargo division is ranked the largest cargo airline worldwide, just behind FedEx. Starting in August, the carrier will provide service (via Avianca) between Bogota and both Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando where cargo will connect with an Emirates B777 to Dubai International Airport and beyond. This new service complements Emirates’ existing schedule from neighboring Quito to Amsterdam and beyond.

“They are very selective who they work,” he added. “So when Emirates expanded into Bogota, naturally they went with PrimeAir, one of the best-known names in the Colombian freight-forwarding community.”

Actually, Sky Cargo was already quite familiar with the high caliber service PrimeAir provides. They were appointed as the carrier’s GSSA the day they began flying into Ecuador in 2013. Now, the time-tested relationship with Emirates is expanding here in Colombia.

“Emirates is obviously very pleased with how we’ve been performing,” Paredes continued. As a GSSA, PrimeAir will provide in-country sales, marketing, and accounting for SkyCargo, in addition to airport services such as warehouse supervision, and ULD control.

As a result of the new agreement, PrimeAir now has an opportunity to expand its own overall operation – and presence – at the Bogota station, where they have been serving as Atlas Air’s GSSA for more than two years.

“The airlines clearly see the top quality work we do for them – in fact, a very good job from the cargo sales side, filling up the planes,” noted Paredes. The cargo coming out of Colombia is 99 percent perishables, the majority of which is flowers – which continues to be the primary commodity for PrimeAir in Latin America since its founding in Quito in 2001.

“Being involved in this business for so many years, we have a name. When someone wants a GSSA in Ecuador, they think PrimeAir. And in Colombia, it is a similar story,” says Paredes. “Everyone always thinks of us here.”

But at the end of the day, it is a big feather in the cap of the entire PrimeAir team, to be able to say they represent an international carrier as prestigious as Emirates.

“Emirates is respected all around the world for their on-time performance and reputation as a well organized, professional operation. So to be aligned with such a company actually serves as selling point for us among our freight forwarder customers,” Paredes added.

“After all, as the saying goes, ‘you are judged by the company you keep’.”

PrimeAir serves to make cargo sales, operations, handling, and accounting easy and reliable for airlines operating across the globe. Based in Miami, the company benefits from being part of the Prime Group, a network of coordinated logistics and freight specialists with offices and representatives worldwide. For information, call 305-592-2044, email info@primeair.aero, or visit www.primeair.aero

A Tale of Fish and Flowers

Two things that don’t normally have a lot in common are fish and flowers — especially when you consider that TV commercials for air fresheners use these exact same aromas in their commercials.

However, these two wildly popular perishables at seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum get similarly special treatment by Prime Fresh Handling. As soon as fresh tuna and orchid leis shipments arrive from overseas at Los Angeles International Airport, they are whisked off to be skillfully prepared for market by PFH – one of the fast-growing companies under the Prime Group umbrella.

The orchid leis that are shipped here from Thailand arrive pre-strung into the iconic graduation garb that you see draped on high-school and college graduates throughout the month of June. Once PFH takes delivery on behalf of their client, the leis are then repacked into a clear plastic, clamshell packaging. At this point in the process, the ready-for-retail leis are transported from PFH’s LAX facility directly straight to grocery stores, florists, and the eventual grateful grads.

“Clearly there is a big demand for orchids in June because of all the student graduations,” said PFH Commercial Manager Cristina Moscoso. “They have all started wearing leis at their graduation parties that are often handed out after commencement.” With more than 15 years in the air cargo industry, Moscoso is at the helm of the Los Angeles operation.

A Tale of Tuna
Incoming tuna at Prime Fresh Handling goes through a much more rigorous process than that of the leis. These fresh – and in most cases – enourmous fish are shipped to the PFH Los Angeles location from countries all across the world, from Indonesia to Spain.

Inside the brand new 52,000-square-foot-facility, the tuna is briefly stored inside top-of-the-line coolers that PFH only recently installed. From here, they are iced and graded for quality using a sashibo, a tool for getting a sample of the meat from the base of the tail. The meat is graded into three categories based on color and opacity of the sample then sold and shipped across the U.S.

PFH’s new facility at LAX is a strategic location on the West Coast with over 21,000-square-feet of cooler and freezer space to use for product staging and storage. Staffed by a highly committed and skillfully trained team, PFH specialists work efficiently to make sure product keeps moving, and customers remain satisfied.

For more information visit primefresh.eu or email Commercial Manager Cristina Moscoso at Cristina.Moscoso@primeair.aero.