From Tuna Farm to Table, PFH Is in the Loop

When Bluefina USA promises to deliver its high-demand Pacific Bluefin Tuna to the world’s best chefs, they can do so with total confidence. That’s because Prime Fresh Handling is in the loop.

Freshly harvested off the idyllic coast of Ensenada, Mexico, PFH at Los Angeles International Airport recently received hundreds of pounds of prized Bluefin Tuna destined for New York’s Fulton Market and high-end restaurants in Miami.

The company’s certified handlers take their responsibility for monitoring freshness and safety very seriously. Upon arrival at PFH’s refrigerated warehouse facility at LAX, the crew quickly stepped in. The temperature of the packed fresh fish needed to be stabilized in a hurry before making outbound connections on scheduled air carriers.

The crates of precious cargo were immediate ushered into one of PFH’s top-of-the-line coolers. Proper staging of these oceanic superfish for the next phase of their journey entailed stabilizing temperatures between 36-38 degrees. If temperatures were to rise above this threshold, the shelf life and quality of the fish would be significantly compromised.

This specialized but necessary step took extra time. The customer was advised. New connecting flights were booked. Promises were kept.

With real-time technology, top-grade facilities, and the most experienced professionals in the perishables business – Bluefina USA not only knows fish, but also knows Prime Fresh Handling is a good catch.

About Prime Fresh Handling

Since 2001, Prime Group, has served as an ally and trusted advisor for trans-global customers across a wide range of industries. One of four companies in the Group, Prime Fresh Products is charged with expertly managing all aspects of the logistics and handling of perishables and other time/temperature-sensitive products

From fresh fish, produce, and cut flowers to pharmaceutical products and vaccines, Prime Fresh Handling is the authority on reliable, timely, and trustworthy delivery of precious commodities.

In addition to Los Angeles, PFH’s global network offices and refrigerated warehouses are located in Miami, New York, Amsterdam, and Bogotá – providing fast and easy access to all of the world’s major markets.

For information, contact PFH Commercial Manager Cristina Moscoso at 323-328-8650, via email at, or visit

Fishing Boat

Wherever You Are, Prime Group Is Here for You

As the international turmoil of the pandemic continues, Prime Group remains steadfast in its support of our customers as they respond to the global need for essential commodities and healthcare supplies and equipment.

Nowhere near the end of this storm, and still not knowing what the “New Normal” will bring, for the present we will continue to do what we normally do – provide expert logistics support and services for our customers when they need it, where they need it, and get the job done right.

Our long history of service in the perishables business has prepared us well for this inflection point. We’re nimble, ready, and reliable. After all, when dealing with time- and temperature-sensitive commodities, it is all about precision and preparedness – because at any moment anything can go off track. And it usually does, which is why we’ve learned to always be ready with a plan B, C, and D.

World Service

Deemed an “Essential Business” early on, Prime Group companies were immediately front and center serving government agencies, world health organizations, and other customers integral to the global distribution of personal protection equipment (PPE) and crucial medical material. We’re proud of the part we played then and stand ready to continue to serve in this capacity as COVID-19 persists.

Successful missions to date have included managing numerous charters with PPE from Asia to the U.S. and Latin America. In addition, we continue moving multiple containers of needed material by ocean from Asia to the U.S., where we then transfer it to Latin America by air – always with an eye on cost and efficiency.

We also did 18 charters between Quito and Amsterdam with Emirates SkyCargo using B777-300s PFs (passenger freighters) to support the local growers and the flower industry in general.

And with so many people these days in self-isolation – and in need of better-for-you-snacks to help get them through – we successfully managed a doubling of sales of our Prime Planet Tostones, crafted and exported from Ecuador to retail markets all across the U.S.

New Directions

During this heightened period of activity, we also implemented a new marketing strategy that is effectively getting the word out regarding the wide range of new and existing services available through the Prime Group.

This major effort will allow us to build upon our existing strengths, while also moving us in new directions.

As we consider the ongoing impact of COVID-19, we are monitoring market forces that are shaping the future development of multiple industries and regions across the world. With our global network of offices and expert representation, we are continually finding new opportunities to answer the call for service – and to deliver.

Prime Group is eager to play a crucial role in supporting the major industries that today are facing the biggest logistics challenges – with FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and healthcare products leading the way. However, we are closely eyeing automotive, energy and utilities, industrial machinery and equipment, and other industries that are expecting new growth in the post-pandemic economy.

Although it may take another 18 months for things to “normalize,” whatever form that may take, the Prime Group will remain vigilant to changing customer needs and to delivering on our commitment to excellence in all we do.

The challenges before us are many. The opportunities are wide open. Wherever you are, we are here for you.

PFH Takes an Organic Approach to West Coast Market Expansion

Precision planning, attention to detail and flawless execution is what it takes to succeed in the perishables business. But sometimes it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Such is the case with Prime Fresh Handling’s months-long certification process to work with organic foods in California. Turns out, just as consumer demand is on the rise, PFH at LAX gets the green light to move into this market – with a fresh new seal of approval by the state.

“Our brand was built on expert handling, on-time delivery, and effective quality control of perishables. That’s what Prime Fresh Handling customers demand – and that’s what they get,” says Margarita Duron, PFH Sales Executive.

“But shipping and handling food designated as ‘organic’ requires a heightened degree of care and attention – and regulatory oversight – due to the potential safety issues involved,” she said.

To be allowed to work within this highly regulated segment of California’s fresh food industry, all parties involved, including shippers and handlers like PFH, must be fully compliant with state and federal rules and procedures,” Duron added.

Always looking to expand into untapped segments of the perishables market, PFH recently applied for and received the industry’s foremost certification to handle organics in California – where organic food reigns. With an astounding $2.2 billion in sales (41 percent of the national total), California makes up the biggest slice of the country’s organic food business.

Sign of Approval

After a rigorous inspection of PFH operations and records, the California Department of Food & Agriculture State Organic Program declared in August that PFH meets all the necessary requirements to be a certified handler of organic food.

Signifying this status, PFH may now proudly display the California Certified Organic Farmers certificate (CCOF).

And it’s right on time, because industry reports show that for the first half of 2020, organic fresh produce sales were up 11 percent, despite the general worldwide impact of COVID-19. Similar positive growth is expected into the fall – with organic fruit like grapes, melons, stone fruit, and blueberries leading the way.

“Perhaps the boost in business is because more consumers are cooking at home and trying to eat healthier as they self-isolate, or it’s a facet of the growing number of organic farms that are being certified. Either way it’s a significant target market for PFH to pursue,” said Duron.

Certifications Held by PFH

Prime Fresh Handling has received some of the industry’s most noteworthy certifications, ensuring safe handling of a wide range of perishables, potentially hazardous foods, and time/temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals:

  • California Certified Organic Farmers Certification: The PFH facility in LAX is approved to handle organic produce by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Accredited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, CCOF certification signifies that PFH complies with federal regulations on the handling of agricultural commodities labeled and sold as “organic.”
  • PrimusGFS Certification: Signifying that PFH meets the highest standards in food safety, the Primus Global Food Safety Certification applies specifically to qualified companies that operate within the fresh food supply chain, from pre- and to post-farm gate production. With this prestigious certification, PFH is one of the world’s top-rated in the perishables industry.
  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points Certification: HACCP approval certifies PFH to handle fresh seafood. HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe for consumption.
  • IATA Temperature Controlled Cargo Operations Certification: IATA’s annual certification in Temperature Controlled Cargo Operations ensures Miami Operations staff complies with complex shipping regulations and standards as they relate to the proper transport of pharmaceuticals.

“These certifications demonstrate PFH strives for and achieves the highest standards in safety and product efficacy. Widespread acknowledgment of these accomplishments also serves to open even more doors for us in the worldwide market,” said Duron.

“It’s all about being a world-class provider of high-caliber services in support of the fresh food industry. We want to corner that market, too!”

About PFH

PFH warehouses and refrigerated handling facilities offer wide-ranging services include crating and package, cold storage and inventory services, as well as document processing, and customs clearance.

In addition to LAX, PFH operates facilities in New York and Miami, as well as Bogota, Quito, and Amsterdam – all key gateways for perishable time-temperature sensitive commodities including fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, pharmaceuticals, and cut flowers.

For information, visit or call 305-592-2044.