Prime Logistics is Charting a Course to Deliver Capacity

With a finite number of air freighters in existence across the world, and very little belly space to be had, the industry is busy trying to deliver on ways to boost capacity. With the demand for shipment of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals so high right now, any and all options are on the table.

One of those options is through the use of charter aircraft operations – expertly executed by Prime Logistics. With its global hub in Miami, this highly reputable firm has contacts in the air and on the ground ready to meet the pressing needs of pharmaceutical giants, government entities, and relief organizations that need air transport support – right now.

What makes Prime Logistics stand out is its time-tested relationships with many of the major international cargo carriers, as their trusted General Sales Agent (GSA) at airports all across the world. With its know-how, expertise, and 24/7 availability, Prime Logistics is stepping up now more than ever to provide top-tier charter ops solutions.

“We know just about all the main freighter airlines in the world,” says Roger Paredes, CEO of parent company Prime Group. “Couple that with our vast understand of the charter business and our signature fast-and-now service, we are working nonstop to keep up with the demand for charter services – and succeeding quite well in doing so.”

Prime Logistics cut its teeth in the charter business by managing cargo charters for the demanding fresh-flower industry in Europe and South America. Over the years, they been able to parlay their vast knowledge of shipping time-sensitive perishables into serving other major industries –most recently, the pharmaceuticals and medical industry.

“What’s needed most to succeed in the charter businesses is obviously a basic shipping know-how, but the ability to do it a fast, efficient, and cost-effectively,” he said.

Key Word is ‘Cost’
With prices for some recent charters from Asia commanding top dollar, cost is one of the biggest considerations when booking a charter. That’s why it takes knowledge of how to manage such an operation in the most efficient way possible.

With factory closures and bottlenecks at many warehouses and airports in Asia the initial cause for the precipitous drop in cargo traffic on the Asia-North America, the stage was set for airfreight rates to shoot through the roof. Add to that the enormous loss of wide-body belly capacity when thousands of passenger airline flights were quickly cancelled around the world.

This left charters as the only viable source for much-needed capacity – until just recently when passenger carriers started operating cargo-only passenger flights, such as Emirates SkyCargo’s newly launched Passenger Freighter (PF) service.

While manufacturing has started to come back and demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is increasing all over the world this only means capacity will remain severely constrained for the foreseeable future.

Time is Money
Never before has the well used maxim, “time is money,” been so true. But Prime Logistics knows how to pull the stops out when it comes to maximizing efficiency.

When a customer requests a charter to carry their shipment from point A to B, Prime Logistics is already attuned to the available levels of services at origin and destination, knows how to best manage the paper work, and has a firm grasp on breakdown and expediting for the customer at the destination.

“It’s obviously not just about securing a charter plane – you’ve got to have real-world expertise, and big-world ability to custom create a smart solution that shortens the process, cuts transfer times, and quickly resolves complications along the way,” says Paredes.

To sum it all up in one sentence, Paredes simply says, “Call us, because we know what we’re doing.”

That was easy!

Prime Logistics is a division of the Prime Group, a Miami-based air cargo and international logistics conglomerate founded in 2001. For information in the U.S., call 305-592-2044. Also visit

Prime Logistics is ready when you are

As the world works together to fight the spread of the coronavirus, Prime Logistics is stepping up to do its part, by providing expert logistics services to customers who need immediately delivery of essential goods to the most affected countries.

Because timing is everything during this crucial period, and there is no room for error, the company has staff and representatives positioned and ready in key locations around the globe – right now.

To make the world aware of Prime Logistics’ availability and expertise, they are sharing this important message via direct outreach to government agencies, public and private interests, and freight forwarders around the world.

Standing by, 24/7, their highly-capable team of movement managers has the necessary expertise to work with most major industry types. From pharmaceutical companies and makers of hospital equipment, to electronics and heavy equipment manufacturers – and of course, distributors of time-sensitive perishables – Prime Logistics has the know how.

They are widely respected for their skills in custom creating smart logistics solutions that shorten the process, cut transfer times, and quickly resolve complications that arise along the way.

Prime Logistics is a division of Prime Group, a Miami-based air cargo and international logistics conglomerate founded in 2001.

With hundreds of contacts around the globe, Prime Logistics reps are skilled at finding competitive rates and ample space via air and ocean shipment to virtually any destination.

Cargo handled/services provided worldwide by Prime Logistics include:

  • Pharma
  • Medical Supplies
  • AOG
  • Perishables
  • Hazardous Material
  • Project Cargos
  • Time-Sensitive Cargo
  • Live Animal
  • Human Remain
  • Military Cargo
  • Pick up
  • Delivery
  • Customs
  • Crating
  • Warehousing
  • Pre-Cooling
  • Valuable Cargo

Big or small – whether it’s one box or multiple pallets, customers team up with Prime Logistics to avoid the need to juggle multiple service providers all over the world.

For information, call 305-592-2044 or visit

Change of Name to ‘Prime Logistics’ Affirms Emergence of a Major Global Player

There’s something new in the air, and on the ocean, and in the warehouses, and on the highways, and at the brokerage houses.

When it comes to a corporate name, it’s probably a good idea that it incorporates all that the company does. But in the case of Prime Air & Ocean Cargo, the list got so long it couldn’t even fit across company letterhead!

“New Years is all about new beginnings, so what better time to formally announce the new name of one of our biggest divisions – to Prime Logistics,” says Roger Paredes, CEO of Prime Group Holdings. “And in the process, it effectively affirms our emergence as a major global leader in the worldwide logistics market.”

The transition started slowly late last year, showing up first in email addresses, on stationery, and then in the logo on the company web page. But all along, it’s been business as usual at Miami-based Prime Logistics.

With offices and warehouse facilities in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, Prime Logistics has a unique ability to streamline, optimize, and expedite freight to and from the U.S. for a wide range of major industries. They do so by capitalizing on long-time relationships with major air carriers and ocean lines, in order to offer competitive rates and ample space to destinations all around the world.

Under it’s new name, Prime Logistics will continue to support the shipping needs of multiple trans-global companies including makers of electronics, hospital equipment, automotive parts, fresh-cut flowers, and even vaccines – just to name a few.

Founded in Ecuador, the company was originally named PrimeAir because it focused solely on GSSA services between Quito and Miami. But soon after setting up shop in Miami in the early 2000s, customers and flower importers here started requesting freight forwarding services to other Latin American destinations.

“Initially we resisted, because it was seemingly outside our area of expertise. But as the requests continued, we recognized it as an opportunity to step up to do what needed to be done and meet the new demand,” said Paredes. “At that point we decided to form a company called PrimeAir Cargo.”

Next came a flood of requests to ship by sea, so the company jumped in to fill that void. In the process, company name had to be changed again, to reflect our expanded scope of operations – and so was born the name Prime Air & Ocean Cargo.

Over the years, the trajectory of service took the company to new heights, by including trucking services within the continental U.S., warehousing, customs brokerage services, and more.

“And so it was time yet again for a name change, presumably for the last time because I believe this final iteration truly reflects all the services we presently offer – and may offer into the future.

“Prime Logistics clearly fits the bill, ” he added, “because in just two words it succinctly and clearly affirms our emergence as a major one-stop-shop in the field of international logistics.”

Today, under it’s new name, Prime Logistics continues to provide logistics and related services for multiple trans-global companies including makers of electronics, hospital equipment, automotive parts, fresh-cut flowers, and even vaccines – just to name a few.

Big or small – whether it’s one box, one pallet, or a company-wide logistics management operation – call Prime Logistics at 305-592-2044 or visit