Route Network Update Puts Quito on the Map

A new route-network update published by Emirates SkyCargo prominently places Quito on the map!  No surprise since the carrier’s dedicated fleet of B777-300ER Passenger Freighters played such a significant and relieving role in March 2020 right when the seasonal demand of fresh-cut flowers for Mother’s Day was kicking in – and producers desperately needed to get their time-sensitive product to market!

At PrimeAir, we take pride in being associated with Emirates SkyCargo, a world-class cargo airline that continues to show great initiative with new and unique services — such as this “new-found” capacity from Ecuador. For details, check out Emirates SkyCargo’s recently updated worldwide route network.

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Prime Logistics is Charting a Course to Deliver Capacity

With a finite number of air freighters in existence across the world, and very little belly space to be had, the industry is busy trying to deliver on ways to boost capacity. With the demand for shipment of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals so high right now, any and all options are on the table.

One of those options is through the use of charter aircraft operations – expertly executed by Prime Logistics. With its global hub in Miami, this highly reputable firm has contacts in the air and on the ground ready to meet the pressing needs of pharmaceutical giants, government entities, and relief organizations that need air transport support – right now.

What makes Prime Logistics stand out is its time-tested relationships with many of the major international cargo carriers, as their trusted General Sales Agent (GSA) at airports all across the world. With its know-how, expertise, and 24/7 availability, Prime Logistics is stepping up now more than ever to provide top-tier charter ops solutions.

“We know just about all the main freighter airlines in the world,” says Roger Paredes, CEO of parent company Prime Group. “Couple that with our vast understand of the charter business and our signature fast-and-now service, we are working nonstop to keep up with the demand for charter services – and succeeding quite well in doing so.”

Prime Logistics cut its teeth in the charter business by managing cargo charters for the demanding fresh-flower industry in Europe and South America. Over the years, they been able to parlay their vast knowledge of shipping time-sensitive perishables into serving other major industries –most recently, the pharmaceuticals and medical industry.

“What’s needed most to succeed in the charter businesses is obviously a basic shipping know-how, but the ability to do it a fast, efficient, and cost-effectively,” he said.

Key Word is ‘Cost’
With prices for some recent charters from Asia commanding top dollar, cost is one of the biggest considerations when booking a charter. That’s why it takes knowledge of how to manage such an operation in the most efficient way possible.

With factory closures and bottlenecks at many warehouses and airports in Asia the initial cause for the precipitous drop in cargo traffic on the Asia-North America, the stage was set for airfreight rates to shoot through the roof. Add to that the enormous loss of wide-body belly capacity when thousands of passenger airline flights were quickly cancelled around the world.

This left charters as the only viable source for much-needed capacity – until just recently when passenger carriers started operating cargo-only passenger flights, such as Emirates SkyCargo’s newly launched Passenger Freighter (PF) service.

While manufacturing has started to come back and demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is increasing all over the world this only means capacity will remain severely constrained for the foreseeable future.

Time is Money
Never before has the well used maxim, “time is money,” been so true. But Prime Logistics knows how to pull the stops out when it comes to maximizing efficiency.

When a customer requests a charter to carry their shipment from point A to B, Prime Logistics is already attuned to the available levels of services at origin and destination, knows how to best manage the paper work, and has a firm grasp on breakdown and expediting for the customer at the destination.

“It’s obviously not just about securing a charter plane – you’ve got to have real-world expertise, and big-world ability to custom create a smart solution that shortens the process, cuts transfer times, and quickly resolves complications along the way,” says Paredes.

To sum it all up in one sentence, Paredes simply says, “Call us, because we know what we’re doing.”

That was easy!

Prime Logistics is a division of the Prime Group, a Miami-based air cargo and international logistics conglomerate founded in 2001. For information in the U.S., call 305-592-2044. Also visit

The Inside Story on Staying Inside

“How are you doing?”

Remember when we used this line as a simple pleasantry to get a conversation started – never really expecting a response. Well, we still say it these days, but we genuinely mean it!

It’s a small but telling example of how so many things have changed in the age of the coronavirus.

One of the biggest changes is not so much how we are conducting business, but where. Right now I am writing these words at my dining room table. Earlier, I “clocked in” at my home office down the hall. And perhaps later on, I’ll pick up and move over to the kitchen island to check my email.

Working from home is not a new concept, but working from home everyday is. And although we were forced to do so to remain safe – and operational – I am not so disappointed to be realizing the everyday benefits of being here.

Number one is commute time. I used to spend hours a week traversing the highways of Miami back and forth, home to work, and out to lunch and back. Now I am at “the office” each morning in 10 seconds flat. And lunch is, well, right over there on the kitchen counter – a few seconds away by foot!

Notice I didn’t say, a few seconds away barefoot. Because while some folks might be doing that, I do wear socks, and a business shirt and slacks so I’m always ready for the next Zoom call. Which brings me to my dry cleaning bill, or rather I should say the lack thereof – and my non-existent gas and mileage expenses, as well …

At-home working brings a whole host of noteworthy cost benefits, some bigger than others, of course. Seriously though, with all this newfound time and built-in efficiencies achieved while working remotely, I’ve been able to check off a lot of the administrative items I’ve wanted to get to over years.

With none of the tedious office distractions to get in the way, I am also taking a serious look at some smart new back-office initiatives that could allow the overall Prime Group team to deliver more value to our customers over the long-term.

I am also busy brushing the dust off several to-do lists outlining possible new marketing initiatives and business growth. In the past, for instance, we only dabbled with the idea of promoting our air-cargo charter abilities. Now, rather than being solely focused on the day-to-day, I am leading the charge at accelerating expansion into this market. And it’s already paying off in the form of an all-new series of high-visibility messaging via social media and other targeted-marketing platforms.

Then there’s our sudden increased reliance on Teams, Zoom, Skype, and the like. Few examples of how COVID-19 has forced us to change the fundamental ways we work is the widespread use of video conferencing. Since instituting a company-wide ban on business travel in early March, meetings via video has become the ultimate solution to connect with our remote workers and customers. Sure it takes away many of the benefits of direct contact with sales prospects and customers – but we’ll live with that!

Have I got more time to think these things through and envision new ideas? Absolutely. Am I am appreciative of the opportunity to sharpen my focus on the health and future success of our business. Yes.

But at the same time, please know that I am also deeply concerned with the health and well being of our customers, employees, their families and friends during this time of turmoil.

So when anyone with the Prime Group asks “How are you doing,” we’re not just happy to hear your voice, we truly want to know.

We’re here, we care, and we wish you good health.